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Using Your Real Age on Your Profile

One of the biggest reasons people get banned is because they LIED ABOUT THEIR AGE! A lot of people do this because they think they need to be 18+ to write sexual content, and then they just keep on smutting with adults afterward. Others just don't realize it's a big deal and/or are worried about privacy.

Remember, you can still write sexual content with other people under 18! You have NO GOOD REASON to lie about your age on Iwaku. Your age can be set to private on your profile, so only moderators with access to the administrative control panel will see it (so about 20 people tops, by my estimate).

For legal reasons, we NEED people to use their real age. It's the only way we can run the site the way we do. If you were unaware of the age rules when you made your account, please use the Contact Us form or contact an Administrator and we can fix your date of birth for you.

Anyone who is found circumventing our age rules knowingly or who is writing smutty content across age lines is opening themselves up to be banned, so please be careful. We try to judge every case on an individual basis, but as this is a legal issue it's going to be one where we're less lenient.

If you are suspected of lying about your age and it cannot be verified through other means, a Security moderator may message you asking for a picture of yourself along with a picture of your photo ID. They will NEVER ask you for personal information and they will tell you to blur out everything but your date of birth, name, and photo. We just need physical proof that you own the account you're claiming to own as well as proof of your real age. If someone is asking for your address, phone number, or other information and you're not comfortable giving that out, REPORT THEM.
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It on one hand takes away the mysterious vibe from the RPers. But then on the other... it's for dire reason as some sites need to do it to avoid legal infractions having to come at them. So whether it's liked or not. It's information and good rules to adhere to. It's just for a very typical and clear reason.