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Using Blogs Properly

Blogs are one of the oldest features on the site! They're really versatile and can be used in many ways, and we like to leave it up to members to choose what to do with them. Unfortunately that means that we've seen people not understanding what content is acceptable in Blogs.

Here's what you CAN post in a blog:

- User-created content like character profiles, artwork, short stories, poetry, GIFs/photomanips, and more.

- Journal entries about daily life and rants about offline, IRL frustrations.

- Reviews of video games, music, tv shows, and other entertainment.

- Other stuff that Astaroth isn't creative enough to think of right now.

Here's what you SHOULD NOT post in a blog:

- Advertisements for other websites, as this counts as soliciting outside of the advertising forums. You have other options for promoting your site!

- Rants about conflict with other Iwaku members and/or Staff, EVEN IF YOU DON'T NAME NAMES. This is considered "airing dirty laundry" and is disruptive behavior, as it may be obvious to the person you're writing about- or sometimes, people you are NOT referring to may think it's about them! Either way it causes trouble. (And while we're on it, this isn't allowed in Counseling either!)

- Suicide threats or anything mentioning criminal activity such as assault, murder, or illegal drug use. Not only could posting details about some of these get us in trouble, but if you are having violent thoughts toward yourself or others you need to call a professional hotline where the workers are equipped to help you. Iwaku does not condone illegal activity, and we are not trained mental health professionals.

- Smutty stuff that isn't clearly labeled and/or put under a spoiler. Kids use the blogs too! We can't stop people from looking at Blogs with sexual content but we can make sure they aren't looking by mistake. (And remember, no pornographic photography is allowed ANYWHERE.)

By keeping these rules in mind, you will help keep Iwaku fun and safe for everyone.
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