Staff Departments and Primary Job Roles

An overview of the different Staff departments and what those shiny banners mean.

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    Every full Staff member is assigned a Primary Job. This job determines what activities a Staff member will devote most of their time and energy toward, though they may carry out other tasks as well. A Staff member's Primary Job is included as a secondary banner below their department banner. This helps direct members when choosing the correct person to contact regarding an issue.

    The following is a breakdown of jobs by department and the expected tasks which go along with them.


    The Administrators are the Big Bosses of Iwaku. They organize the staff, maintain the site, and make the day-to-day choices for running the community. Admins choose who to hire for Staff.

    There will always be only 3 active Admins at any given point, one for each major department—but all three work across all departments.


    Iwaku's Server Technician hosts the site's servers and manages any back-end issues which occur. They act as tech support in the Help Desk and are on call for emergencies, as well as assist across the Maintenance and Security departments, but do not belong to any one department and do not have regular Staff duties. They should not be contacted via Inbox Conversation or other channels.

    Iwaku has always had and will always have 1 Server Technician.


    Community's role on the site is providing a fun, welcoming, and active site experience to members. They plan and coordinate on-site events and projects, provide creative content such as roleplay guides or graphic resources, interact with the community, and work to create a positive vibe in the off-topic areas of the site.


    Member Relations representatives are tasked with creating a positive, welcoming environment within the community. Their job includes greeting newbies, participating in projects such as the Newbie Care Package or other community events which involve interaction between Staff and members, supporting member-run events and projects, posting birthday wishes on profiles, creating positive discussion topics, giving roleplay advice in Roleplay Help, and generally being a positive community presence.

    Ideally, there should be 18 Member Relations reps on Staff.


    The dedicated Events Committee Staff are expected to be involved with the planning, running, and promotion of Staff-run community events such as contests, holiday events, chat roleplays, scavenger hunts, gaming marathons, and more. All Events Committee members should have a key role (judge, organizer, GM, etc.) in at least one active or work-in-progress project at all times.

    The ideal Events Committee should have 5 members.


    A Content Creator's primary task is the contribution of creative content for the site. This may include Lessons, Exercises, and Resources for the Content sections; free graphics for member use; or roleplay/writing-related contests and projects.

    As there is plenty of member-contributed content, the Staff team only needs 1 dedicated Content Creator.


    The focus of Maintenance is on keeping the site running smoothly and resolving user issues. In addition to bearing the brunt of thread moderation, Maintenance delivers friendly messages to help members use the site correctly and answers questions or technical problems in the Help Desk area.


    The traditional moderation of the forum falls under the purview of Site Maintenance. A Site Maintenance mod regularly helps with janitorial maintenance such as thread archival, application of missing content tags and/or prefixes for threads, moving misplaced threads to correct forums, monitoring for out-of-character spam and bumping, and moderating the Clans and Character Gallery for items in need of deletion. They should also keep an eye out for issues requiring the attention of Security Staff. Site Maintenance will be assigned one or more sections to moderate.

    For every section of the site to be properly moderated without overburdening Staff, Iwaku ideally requires 45 Site Maintenance moderators.


    The Security Department handles breaches of policy or member-related issues on the site. They investigate reports, handle cases, and help to clarify rules. They may also give out warnings or bans for problematic behavior.


    The Team Leaders of Security fill the roles of senior advisers on cases, assign cases to the Security Staff, give progress reports on individual Staff to the Security Administrator, and tackle major Security cases themselves. They are the only Staff to share ban authority with the Administrators in case of emergencies or availability issues. They exemplify the standards of Security and help guide the policy of the site. They also will act as liaisons on our sister site, AMOR, in order to help address any crossover drama or security risks between the sites.

    Security requires 2 Team Leaders—one as chief and voice of authority and experience, and one as organizational secretary and active Security trainer.


    Enforcers embody old-school moderation tactics by being active moderators in areas of the site such as chats, Clans, the Gallery, Blogs, and the off-topic boards. They should be a visible presence and active in their chosen sections. They have the authority to give out on-the-spot warnings for rules violations and to address problems in need of immediate attention. They also are expected to keep up with moderation of Clans, the ad banners, and other items which require Security permissions to moderate. All Enforcers should still report to Security in the case of problem behavior, rules violations, and/or warnings.

    In order to properly cover all areas of the site in need of active Security attention, Iwaku needs 6 or more Enforcers.


    While all Security Staff are expected to address members for rules violations and problematic behavior, the focus of the Case Worker is on repeat "frequent flyer" members or cases which are expected to require expert handling. They should work with nuisance members toward behavioral improvement and actively discuss the handling of cases. All Case Workers must be able to keep professional and calm in the course of their duties and have excellent people skills.

    There should be 5 active Case Workers on the team.


    An Investigator is expected to proactively identify and check into suspected multiple accounts, ban evasion, or cases of age circumvention. They help to gather facts and evidence of rules violations and cross-check information across sites to establish identities. They must be adept at using all the available tools of Security to research cases. When not searching for multiaccounters or age circumventors, Investigators should check areas such as Blogs, Clans, and the Gallery for reportable content. Investigators will often be assigned to handle straightforward cases which fall into the umbrella of multiaccounting or age circumvention themselves, rather than a Case Worker.

    5 Investigators should be working for Security.


    While not officially part of the Iwaku Staff team, these members are staff from our sister site AMOR. They will bear a red name and have access to the Security Department in order to help protect both forums from crossover of drama or other security risks. They may give input on cases with shared members or report potential issues. They should not be taking on cases as an active mod or actively enforcing on the forum, but should be up to date with site policy and have limited authority to give unofficial warnings if they witness problem behavior.

    There should be at least 2 Liaisons on loan from AMOR.


    Interns are staff-in-training. They are not considered full Staff, nor do they have assigned Primary Jobs. They do basic thread moderation tasks as they learn their mod controls and find their groove. They do not have authority and have limited controls. Interns also serve as auxiliary Staff in case of a flux in filled positions.

    We prefer to have ~30 Interns on call.
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