Staff and You

How to interact with Staff on Iwaku.

  1. Winter
    What is the difference between Staff and members?

    We're people just like you are—except instead of having lives, we've dedicated ourselves to helping maintain the site. The red name is a visual distinction to indicate our roles and to help you find the appropriate people if you find yourself in need of assistance on the site.

    Feel free to poke any staff member at any time if you have questions, either regarding their role or about something to do with the site. You might be directed to someone who can better answer your questions, but we're here to help you as much as we can.

    Why are there three different staff sections?

    The three staff departments (Maintenance, Community, and Security) coordinate in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but have responsibilities unique to their respective department. For more information on the staff departments and their roles, view this resource.

    How can I help Staff?

    The most important thing is how you choose to conduct yourself on the forums. There is no better way to help Staff than to be as proactive, helpful, and kind to everyone as you can be.

    However, we understand that being human means you have emotions, which can sometimes get in the way of things. When a Staff member has to explain in a thread or the Discord to another member that their behavior isn't acceptable, you might be tempted to interject. As much as we'd appreciate that someone is trying to help, this actually isn't helping and unfortunately will very likely make things more difficult to deal with. When tempers are high and people are upset, it can have a big effect on how they act and respond to a situation. They may feel like they're being ganged up on—and that makes people defensive and hostile, which of course is something we want to avoid when handling a difficult situation.

    What do I do if I get a message from Staff?

    One day you might receive a message from a Staff member asking you to do something. It could be as trivial as removing details from a post or editing your profile, or something more drastic like clarifying your age or ownership of an account. There is nothing that says you must respond (unless they are asking for information), but please don't disregard this. It's important that members comply so we can continue providing the best and most complete service that keeps you coming back again and again.

    What if I don't agree with what they're asking from me?

    You are well within your rights to ask questions and discuss the subject with us within the PM conversation. However, it's worth noting that we'd never ask anything from a member without a valid reason concerning site policy.

    That being said, if you are contacted with a request from a Staff member which you suspect goes against the rules—or if you suspect that this Staff member is harassing you, acting inappropriately, or abusing their power—you should report them immediately. You can find all the details on how to report a Staff member within the link provided.

    I have some questions.

    If you have any questions about conduct with Staff or what to do in a given situation, it is always safe to approach the Staff member and ask them directly. You can also ask in the Help Desk.