Iwaku Contingency (Hack Threat)

What Staff do in the event of a Hack threat.

  1. Winter
    Iwaku Contingency

    The Iwaku Contingency is a plan in place to be used in the event of Iwaku coming under serious threat. The details within this resource are important to the success of the plan and are not to be used lightly. Any details within this resource being abused will have serious consequences so please ensure you have reason to believe Iwaku is in danger before proceeding with the plan. Below is a step by step plan of action as well as details of what is considered to be a threat. If you have any questions regarding the plan, or you feel that something needs clarifying, please message @Winter directly so that the plan can be amended appropriately.

    What is considered a threat.

    A threat to Iwaku can be anything from a Hack threat made by post or via the chat to an actual attempt. A threat is not limited only to a hack attempt however, a threat to Iwaku could become as a result of anyone with Admin controls deciding they wanted to cause some destruction. You should all understand there is no distinction of severity between these three possibilities, as soon as you discover anything that could be interpreted to be either a hack attempt or a rogue staff member, you have a duty as staff to report is as soon as possible.


    The procedure is fairly simple. Ordinarily staff would be required to report firstly and directly to Admins, then Diana if Admins can not be reaches and then Jared555 if neither Admins or Diana can be reached. Of course that might not always be an option if staff are unable to contact any of them for any reason. Below is a list of contacts and backup contacts, listed in priority and next nearest priority.

    So first and foremost, your first contacts are below listed from highest priority at the top, to the next priority in descending order.


    These would usually be your first port of call as soon as you discover a hack threat or hack attempt. The reason is that it is far quicker to report directly to highest authority then it is to report it through the Security staff system. If you are unable to reach any of these individuals through the site PM function then you may also want to attempt to contact them via Discord. Once the report has been received the teams will be instructed on what to do next.

    Diana Discord: Diana#0979
    Jorick Discord: Jorick#7824
    Astaroth Discord: Astaroth#4407
    Kitti Discord: Kitti#1816
    Jared555 Discord: Jared555#6727

    The Admins, Benefactors and Server Technician can not be reached.

    In the very unlikely event that the above cannot be reached, then the list of members below have offline means of contacting Diana directly.

    @Old Man Seiji

    For the sake of speed and efficiency, when contacting any of the above be sure to only include the relevant details. Keep it relatively simple but be very concise so that action can be taken swiftly. If more information is required from you, one of above may ask or you may be contacted directly by a higher authority. Thank you for reading this resource.
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