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Iwaku Clans: Policies and Guidelines

Clans are a site feature which allow members to create their own group areas for socializing, discussing hobbies, or even roleplaying. You may place your Clan within one of the following categories:

ROLEPLAY - ALL ROLEPLAYING GOES HERE. Keep RPs out of the other categories!
SOCIAL - Hangout spots and clans of cliquey weirdos.
DELETE - Clans queued for deletion by the Clan Leaders.

Clans come equipped with the ability to create separate discussion threads, as well as a built-in photo gallery where members may upload images.


- Clans that gain no members (other than the group owner) and no content within 30 days after creation will be deleted.

- Clans that are inactive for over 2 months will be deleted. ("Inactive" means no one in the entire group has posted for over two months. 60 days is plenty of time to revive a social group!) Make sure anything you post is something you can retrieve elsewhere if you think you'll need it again. A one-week grace period will be given to Roleplay groups to save their content (don't worry, you'll be notified).

- Clan Leaders who want to delete their own Clans must move them to the DELETE category. Mods will delete these clans during their usual maintenance sweeps. Unfortunately the system just doesn't allow members or even regular moderators at this point to delete groups. >:[ IT'S ON THE FIX REQUEST LIST.

- Members can only be Clan Leaders for up to 5 groups unless they have Staff or Donator privileges. This is to prevent flooding of the system.

- NSFW images may not be used as the Clan icon or banner, nor may they be uploaded to the Photo Album. This is compliant with overall site policy on NSFW images. Obviously NSFW images that follow overall site standards can be posted in discussions/etc. under spoiler tags.

- Explicit sexual roleplay scenes will not be allowed in Clans. Period. We've tried for a few years now to trust our members since there was no way to age-lock groups, but we've had a million cases of people not paying attention to members' ages or just plain actively using the groups to circumvent age rules. With the site opening up and getting bigger- and still no way to lock out by usergroups in the Clans system- we can no longer afford to trust people. Sorry guys. Take your smut RPs to the Redstar/Bluestar sections.

red Reminder: Clan Leaders are still expected to moderate their Clans as they see fit, but along with abiding by all site rules they will also be expected to enforce them- or else they may end up getting slapped with a warning right alongside the rule-breakers. Mods WILL be checking Clans!

As a Clan Leader, if you ever feel that any situation within your Clan is getting beyond your control, just contact the Security Staff. We're here to help.
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