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How to Report Staff Members

Greetings, denizens of Iwaku. Today we're going to have a little chat about something many of you may not even be aware of: the Report a Staffer feature.

What? I can report a staff member?

That's right hypothetical question asker, you sure can. There are a few ways to access the report form, aside from clicking the link provided above. The easiest way to find it is to scroll down to the bottom of the page, no matter what page of Iwaku you're currently viewing, and you'll find Report a Staffer under the heading of Useful Links. Alternatively you can click the Contact Us option (found near the bottom of page options to change you site theme) and then select the proper form from the list of options. If you're feeling like taking the scenic route then you can find links to the feature near the bottom of the Terms of Service and Rules page. So many options!

Awesome, I'm gonna go report all the staffers I hate for being jerks!

Not so fast, hypothetical person! As tempting as it may be to troll the staff with bogus reports, at the end of the day that's only going to get you into trouble for wasting the time of staff members and admins.

Well that's lame. When can I report those staff dweebs?

A salient question, hypothetical person. Reporting a staff member should only be done if you have good reason to believe they are violating site rules, they are abusing their staff powers, or they are behaving in a grossly unprofessional manner that is unsuitable for a staff member. Just to be clear here, that last one doesn't mean staff members can't mess around and have fun, it's more along the lines of a staff member being rude and unhelpful in response to inquiries or being an elitist jerk.

Ugh, fine, I guess that's reasonable. How does this staff reporting thing work anyway?

Another fine question, keep up the good work hypothetical person. The form you have to fill out is very simple: you just write the name(s) of the staff member(s) you're reporting in the first text box, and then in the text box below that you explain your reason for the report. Provide as much detail and evidence as you can to make the process simpler for everyone.

Okay, that sounds easy enough. Who sees these reports?

Hot damn, hypothetical people sure know how to ask the important questions. Normal site reports are sent off to the security staff to be dealt with, but reporting a staff member can't be handled the same way because they might see the report and cause drama over it and nobody wants that. Instead, when you submit a report against a staff member it'll be sent off to the site admins only. They will handle the issue or hand it off to one of the security staff leaders (never to the person being reported, of course) to deal with it. Iwaku holds staff members to the same standards as any average member of the site, and we take staff reports just as seriously as any other kind of report. If you see a staff member breaking the rules you are very much encouraged to report it so they can be dealt with as required. Staff members are not above the rules on Iwaku!

Cool, glad to hear it. What if I'm having a problem with an admin and need to report them?

Ah, yes, that is a tricky situation indeed, hypothetical person. If that situation comes up, then you should skip the staffer reporting feature and send a private message to one or all of the other admins explaining what the situation is, just the same as you would in a report against a staff member. Just like staff members, admins are not above the rules of the site. If one of them is breaking rules they're gonna get into trouble for it just like anyone else, and if it's serious enough then they can and will be forcibly removed from that position of authority, and possibly banned from the site as well. Iwaku strives to be a place that is fun and safe for everyone to roleplay, and if that means axing an admin then so be it.

That's it, now you know what to do in case you need to report a staff member. Don't be afraid to use it if the need arises!
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