How to Report and Ignore Members

Where to find the report feature.

  1. Winter
    How to report and ignore members

    Below is a short and sweet explanation of how to ignore and report members within Iwaku. But first let’s talk about standard procedure and protocol when moving through the steps of disengaging contact with another member. First and foremost if you wish to cease all contact with another member, you should first seek out the ignore function. Enabling it will prohibit all contact from that individual to your account, whether it be a private message sent to your inbox or an attempt to contact you while using the Chat Box. Below is an image where you may find the ignore feature.


    Should this step fail and you continue to receive contact from the individual, you would then advance to the next step and submit an official report to the Security Division. All reports are taken seriously and are sought to be handled in the most professional manner appropriate to the severity of the report. Once submitted, you’ll be contacted by a Security Division member who will then oversee your case report and proceed things from there. Below is an image showing you where you’ll be able to find the report form. It is located at the very bottom of Iwaku’s page.