Expectations of Staff

A copy of the expectations for hopeful Staff members, as seen on the application form.

  1. Astaroth
    Administration are currently looking for members who spend A LOT of time in the roleplay forums, enjoy busy work, and have a few minutes to spare every day to help with the site.

    ALL applicants are expected to be able to do the following:

    • Move threads to the correct forum if they are misplaced. (For example. Signup threads in the In Character section or Partner Requests in Signups.)
    • Archive roleplay threads that have been dead for 2 months and make sure their Signup/OOC goes with them.
    • Keep an eye out for sex scenes and sexual content where and with whom it doesn't belong. Make sure it's moved and any rule-breaching content is reported to staff.
    • Delete out-of-character spam posts from in-character roleplay threads (or move them and create a thread for the players in the case of threads without signups).
    • Report abusive roleplayers or members breaking site policies.
    • Talk to members about rule violations in a diplomatic tone.
    • Handle the ups and downs of dealing with problem members.


    Being a staff member is an unpaid job. All staff members have jobs and projects to work on. Below explains the minimum standard for being an active part of Staff or internship.

    • Be a registered member of at least 4 months.
      4 months is enough time for any new member to get settled and lets us know you're going to stick around. Rarely, we make exceptions.
    • Be a daily active member without too many real-life commitments.
      It's important that Staff members be some of the most active and most seen members of the site. If you have a lot of real life commitments, such as long school or work hours, you may not have enough time to do the "extra" tasks required for being on Staff. We understand that life commitments come first, so Staffers need to be people with time to spare.
    • Be involved in one or more roleplays.
      As a roleplay forum, our #1 priority is cultivating active and fun roleplays. Enjoy roleplaying on Iwaku and you're benefiting the site. On the occasions where you can't keep up with roleplays, we have several roleplay-related projects you can contribute to.
    • Post 1 to 5 new topics a week in ANY forum.
      If we have 30 Staff members and each one posted 1 topic a week, that's 30 new topics where members could post and interact while they are waiting on roleplay posts. It doesn't matter if no one replies to your topics; you're still making the effort. We provide resources in helping you make topics.
    • Post a submission/post to YOUR area or project once a week.
      Each member of Staff is assigned a primary job or area of interest. It may be handling security cases, maintenance-modding a section, running a community event or chat roleplay, posting guides, or just about anything so long as you are regularly doing it. We must see progress and proactive participation on these projects and not just promises of "I'm working on it."
    • Have a good reputation amongst members and be a role model to the community.
      Your public behavior reflects the Staff team and Iwaku as a whole. All Staff members need to be courteous to newbies and respectful to members. You cannot have any bans or infractions, or be frequently reported as a problem member. We don't expect Staffers to be on perfect behavior all the time, but we do expect you remember your responsibilities!
    • Be respectful toward authority and coworkers.
      All potential Staff members must be able to work with authority and with other people. Administrators have the final word on issues and back-talk won't be tolerated. Staff members must be able to work with a variety of personalities and be able to compromise and handle situations where not everyone will agree about the right course of action. A flexible attitude and the ability to discuss issues in a high stress environment is a must.

    These expectations are not too high; however, we do strictly enforce the activity standards for Staff members! This is why we insist that you should already be doing these things as a regular member before becoming a Staff member. If you're already doing it without having an Admin down your throat, then you're a perfect candidate for Staff. We DO take into consideration all vacations and Staff members' needs for personal time, and we can be flexible when necessary.


      As Staff you must remember; You are not above the rules. Many members are promoted to do a specific job or become a moderator and they begin to think this puts them on a higher scale than everyone else. The members are not here to serve the Staff; the Staff has been created to serve the members. You are not smarter than other members, you are not more special, and you will not receive special treatment. Worse yet, you will be expected to obey policies on even stricter grounds as it is your responsibility to enforce these policies. You cannot be a role model to the community if you are breaking the very rules which you are expected to uphold.
    • Remember who is in charge.
      The Administration are your Community Leaders. Though you are welcome to give your opinions, doubts, concerns, etc., you must understand that all final decisions are up to the Administration. Not yours. If you ever find that you just cannot agree with how the site is run and you find that things will not be changed to suit your tastes, give your resignation. An unhappy Staff member is of no use to anyone. If you want things done your way, pick up and start your own forum.
    • We do not tolerate drama magnets or instigators.
      The Staff Team needs to be able to run as smoothly as possible. Any Staff member that seems to be a source of drama—be it within the ranks with other Staffers or having repeat issues with members—will be removed from Staff regardless of how valuable their work contributions might be. Staff needs to be able to trust and rely on the people they are working with.
    • Support your fellow Staff members.
      Never under any circumstances show your disapproval for the Staff team in public. By doing this, you are planting a seed for members and unsavory people to start gossip, flames, and overall discontent with Iwaku as a whole. If you disagree with a decision a fellow Staff member has made, bring it up in private (preferably in the Staff forums). This will show that you respect your teammates enough to discuss matters with them instead of making them look the fool in public. Understand that in the end the final choice is up to the Administration and you must accept this decision.
    • Do not gang up on a member.
      Supporting your Staff team does not equal ganging up on a single member. It takes one person to effectively handle a situation, as multiple people trying to talk to a member may make that person feel defensive. No one likes to feel as if they need to defend themselves from a pack of angry people. If you find that you can't handle something on your own or you're at a loss for what to do, ask in private for advice or pass the problem to another Staffer.
    • Keep your personal feelings to yourself.
      You should not ever ban a person simply because they annoy you or for other personal reasons. If you find yourself too personally involved with a situation—be it that you just don't like a person involved, or you're involved yourself—pass it on to a different mod. If you handle the situation yourself, you are likely to make biased and unfair decisions based on your own feelings. Even the most patient people can make these mistakes. In many cases even when you do handle yourself well, a user may use your personal involvement against you and this will cause unnecessary problems.
    • Never insult another member while doing your job.
      Many members enjoy play-fighting and of course we cannot expect you to be perfectly civil to people you can't stand all of the time. However, once you put on your "mod hat" you must be 100% mature, diplomatic, and understanding. Insulting a member while doing your job will open you up to a whole bunch of trouble. "Unfair moderating, abuse of power, biased moderating, Nazi, cruel, elitist"—name the insult and a member will use it against you. Do not give members fuel to use against you. Remain as calm and professional as possible.
    • Keep personal relationships separate from your work.
      We understand that relationships happen. Be it best friends, dating, fights, enemies, etc. However, this should not ever affect your ability to work together on Staff without bias or roadblocks. If your relationship with another Staff member becomes a drama issue, it will be at the discretion of the Administration which Staff member must be let go.

    You may view this information and apply for Staff here.