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Donator Perks

Donations help Iwaku remain open, independent, and ad-free. As a thanks to those who help make that possible, Donators receive a variety of perks that they keep for a month per donation. Donations can be set up from the Account Upgrades page. Donator perks allow users to manage their own threads with limited access to moderation tools, plus they give a couple extra bonuses for convenience and customization purposes.

Donators can lock and unlock their own threads. This can be done by going to the top of any page of the thread, selecting Thread Tools to the upper right of the topmost post (next to the options to watch/ignore the thread), and selecting or deselecting the Open checkbox at the bottom. When the check mark is visible the thread is open, and when there is not check mark the thread is locked and nobody but staff members will be able to reply to it.

Donators can bump their own threads. This can be done by using the Thread Tools menu or by finding the thread in the forum index and hitting the Bump option that should be visible just to the left of the replies count column.

Donators can soft delete their own threads. This can be done by using the Thread Tools menu and selecting Delete Thread. "Soft" deleting something means that it's not permanently deleted, it's just no longer accessible to anyone except staff members and can be restored by staff upon request.

Donators can soft delete posts in their own threads. This can be done by going to the post in question and selecting the Delete option at the bottom of it. Just like soft deleting a thread, this just makes the post unable to be viewed by non-staff members, and it can be restored by staff upon request.

Donators receive unlimited inbox space for private messages. Losing donator status while your inbox has more messages than normally allowed will make you unable to receive new private messages until you've cleared out new space.

Donators can upload images of any size to the Gallery, whereas non-donators are limited to 20 MB file size.

Donators get unlimited upload space for attachments to posts. Non-donators are limited to 5 MB of uploads. Things can be attached to posts by using the Upload a File and Your Attachments buttons at the bottom of the text box for writing posts in threads, just to the right of the Post Reply (or Create Thread if making a thread) button.

Donators also have unlimited avatar file size. Their avatars must still be no wider than 200 pixels, but they are not limited to the 204kb size that regular members have to work within.

And finally, Donators can use Google Fonts in their posts around the site instead of being limited to the default selections. The list of Google Fonts can be found via that hyperlink. Some may not work because the addon that allows use of these fonts is less than perfect. Fonts must be applied using manual BB Code tags rather than selecting the font from the regular drop-down list in the Rich Text Editor. This can be done by putting [font=name]TEXT HERE[/name] around the text you want to have a different font, subbing out the 'name' bit for the name of the Google Font you wish to use. Be sure to use the exact same capitalization and spacing as you can see on the Google Fonts page to get them to work.
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Awesome! This is really helpful for understanding exactly what you can do for donating. :) I'd do it just for the site itself but getting these fancy little perks are great too!
An excellent resource that's clear as water to understand. Five Stars, but deserves more.
I'm still learning the ways of this site, so adding new tools was a challenge but this guide was effective in teaching me how to use the new abilities at my disposal. Simple and clear. Five Stars.