Discord Chat Roleplay Rules

An explanation of how the chat roleplay channels on the Iwaku Discord server work.

  1. Jorick
    Due to the unfortunate demise of the on-site chat, we now have roleplay channels on the Iwaku Discord server. Here's a breakdown of how they work.


    rp-discuss: This is the out-of-character talk channel. It can be used for talk related to the in-character channels or talk regarding roleplaying on the forum.

    group-rp: This is the channel for group roleplays. It is an in-character channel. OOC comments marked by ((some kind of brackets)) are acceptable. There is no persistent setting, just grab some people who want to roleplay and decide on a setting you all like. You may ask to join roleplays in progress in the rp-discuss channel, but people are allowed to run private group roleplays here so you may be rejected.

    private-rp: These channels are for 1x1 roleplays only. They are in-character channels. OOC comments marked by ((some kind of brackets)) are acceptable. They have no persistent settings, decide on a setting with your roleplay partner and go for it. These roleplays should always be considered private, so please refrain from bothering folks by asking to join their 1x1 roleplays. If a channel is already in use, please use a different channel for your roleplay.

    nsfw-rp: This channel is meant for any roleplay involving sexual content. Sexual content is NOT allowed in any other roleplay channel. Access to this channel is restricted to 18+ members due to Discord Terms of Service; ask an admin or staff member to give you the 18+ user role to gain access to this channel. This is another in-character channel and the same rules apply, but it can be used for group or 1x1 roleplays as desired. You may ask (using the rp-discuss channel) if you can join a roleplay in progress, but private roleplays are allowed here so you may be rejected.


    The shared and reusable nature of these channels require folks to follow a few simple ground rules, as follows.

    1. All site rules apply on this server. Check the first section of this Resource for a good overview of the important rules in regards to roleplay content: "Not Safe For Work" Content Policies

    2. Wait for others to finish their roleplays before using the channel. Wait for at least one hour of inactivity in a channel before using it for something new. If demand for the roleplay channels gets high enough that this wait time become onerous we can add more to meet that demand.

    3. First come, first served. You cannot reserve a roleplay channel for a specific time; if you want to use it on Wednesday at 8PM but you log on to find others are already using it, tough luck friend. You can ask an admin if they can make a new permanent or temporary channel to suit your needs, but this is not guaranteed to happen. You can always take it to direct messages, a group message, or a server of your own making if need be.

    4. If you want to have logs of your chat roleplays, save them somewhere at the end of your session. They shouldn't get deleted or anything, but they might get shoved 1000+ messages deep in the channel history if others use it, so this is more a guidance for your own convenience than a strict rule.