Creative Content: What the Sections and Prefixes Mean

An explanation of the Creative Content subforums and their prefixes.

  1. Astaroth
    The Creative Content forums are designed to help members improve their writing and roleplaying skills. The following is a breakdown of the different sections, their uses, and the major prefixes.

    ROLEPLAY HELP is where to go if you have a question or want to start a discussion about writing or roleplaying. The prefixes in this section denote the topic you wish to discuss or need help with (Characters, Combat, etc.). Resources and guides do not belong here, but in one of the other respective sections.

    If you want to post or read a lesson, resource, or exercise, make sure you use the correct prefixes:

    A LESSON is a guide or workshop telling you about a subject.

    A RESOURCE is something made or found that can be used without instruction. It may be a tool, a template, a list of definitions or rules, or something shared by another author from somewhere off-site.

    An EXERCISE is a challenge designed for practice. Exercises may be included in Lessons (but make sure to add both prefixes).

    A PROJECT is either a collaborative creative effort or a work-in-progress item (usually a world) that wants in-depth feedback.

    Next post your thread in the correct Content section:

    DEVELOPING CHARACTERS is for tools and practice related to creating and fleshing out the personalities of characters.

    BUILDING WORLDS is for worldbuilding projects and guides related to settings, lore, and culture. If you are just looking to show off or store your world, create a thread in SHOWCASING.

    REFINING WRITING is for learning to improve technical aspects of your writing, such as grammar, style, literary techniques, and good writing habits.

    ROLEPLAY SKILLBUILDING is for improving posting and plotting habits as a player or Game Master, and for learning how to handle situations such as combat, romance, or roleplay death.

    INSPIRING MUSES is where to go when you're feeling blocked. It is for creative prompts, guides on getting unblocked, and sharing inspirational imagery or music.
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