Abusive Roleplay Partners

What to do with an abusive roleplay partner.

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    Abusive Roleplay Partners

    It is important to understand that being abusive to anyone on the forums is not something that we tolerate for any reason, and so there are policies and rules in place to discourage such situations from happening and to assist members in dealing with abusive situations. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult if you’ve been in an RP with them for quite some time or know the individual on a more personal level, but you should never tolerate an abusive RP partner.

    Contained within our Terms of Service, you'll find applicable rules under the "Community Behavior" section.

    An abusive partner does not have the right to speak to you or treat you as they please, if what they say or do harms or provokes you.

    This is one of the main rules that combats against abuse, and it's important to know and understand that you are not obligated to put up with such behavior at all. We take harassment very seriously.

    A lot of the time, confrontations in PM roleplays and thread roleplays can lead to people deleting their posts. Do not do this, regardless of what has happened. Simply leaving the RP is the best course of action to take.

    What to Do with an Abusive Roleplay Partner

    If your partner is being abusive, tell them to stop. If they continue to be abusive and behave negatively towards you, stop talking to them. If that doesn't resolve your issue, then you should send in a report to Staff who will then assist with the situation. You can find a guide on how to report a member here.

    If it is a minor disagreement or simply a clash of personalities, we recommend that you use the ignore feature instead.

    What Not to Do with an Abusive Roleplay Partner

    Do not add to it by retaliating with insults or negative behavior. A situation can quickly snowball into something bigger, especially if more people become involved. This could lead to you getting yourself into trouble, too.

    Do not take the issue to other areas of the forums. This falls under what we refer to as "airing dirty laundry": discussing a negative situation that occurred between one or more site members. This has the potential to worsen a previous or existing situation, so it is better to avoid talking about it anywhere on the site or on Discord.

    Do not feel that you're obligated to take the abuse and pretend like everything is okay. Iwaku is here for everyone's enjoyment, and people who abuse others go directly against the kind of atmosphere we're trying to maintain. Even if you think you can handle it, there could be others they're abusing who aren't confident enough to stand up and deal with the issue, so reporting the abuser could actually be helping out more than just yourself.

    If you have any questions regarding a particular situation, message a member of the Security Staff.
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