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The Herald
January 2 - February 14

The Herald is the element of communication. Heralds often have the ability to put events into perspective and connect the wider ideas together to form patterns and make sense. Heralds are often in tune with history and can see things that might repeat themselves. Unlike the Mentor, these are not things that they typically warn against or attempt to circumvent. Instead, many Heralds see these things as part of an inevitable cycle. Mistakes are part of life and it’s easier to learn through experience than through teachings. Mentors typically pass on stories and songs through a love of language and sharing. The Herald is peace-loving, often because they are not suited to war and know the suffering that it entails. Heralds thrive on balance, since elements of order and chaos are important to maintaining the cycle. For these reasons, many heralds are seen as the most unbiased of the signs.

The Soulmate
February 15 - April 1

Often, Soulmates find it hard to determine their purpose in life since so many things can use their talents. Things seem to blossom beneath the touch of the Soulmate, so they tend to want to spread this influence as much as possible. This can lead to the Soulmate overstretching themselves to try to accomplish everything. Mercurial in temperament, the Soulmate can be capable of changing based on the situation at hand and adapt to new challenges. Soulmates do not tend to cope well with being told what they can and cannot do, instead doing what they feel to be right. The capabilities of the Soulmates are wide because their careful attention lends itself to succeeding at many things, which will often only confuse a Soulmate as to what their strength truly is. Though a soulmate may be intelligent, many tend to associate the soulmate with their emotional side instead, which can frustrate an intellectually gifted soulmate.

The Guardian
April 2 - May 15

Where the other signs are often supportive, the Guardian defies the perception of its namesake. The Guardian is supportive in its own way, but one more veiled and harder to perceive. The Guardian often supports its companions by challenging them and their beliefs. While it may seem less kind than the support of the Ally, the Guardian is a unique and valuable complement in their unwillingness to let their companions take the easy way out of situations. The Guardian is typically one with a strong code of ethics and believes that others should hold an equally powerful conviction. If it seems to the Guardian that one of their companions would falter or choose an option out of weakness, they will not typically allow them to continue without some contest. The Guardian is often reliable, a strong companion that can be firmly rooted in their ideas. They are not typically very good with expressing their genuine concern for others in the midst of their challenging, however, despite their good intentions and for that, the Guardian is quite often misunderstood.

The Mentor
May 16 - July 1

The Mentor typically is a source of wisdom and advice. By passing on knowledge of their past experiences, they seek to create a better future for whomever they’re instilling with the knowledge. Mentors, while seeming less flashy than others, prevent the same failures from befalling their companions. Mentors tend to be forces of patience and their criticisms are almost always constructive. Mentors are often astute from learning through experience and can often see ways that others could prevent future mishaps or better themselves. They tend to be good at giving clear, useful advice. As cerebral beings, Mentors are often perceived as highly independent individuals, an idea which is fostered by the tendency of Mentors to not seek out advice from others. For the best interaction with mentors, respecting their freedom and individuality is key. Withholding insight is a typical response of Mentors when they feel that they have been wronged and their wounds can be hard to perceive because of their analytical nature. An accidental slight may take on more meaning to a Mentor who is constantly on the watch.

The Trickster
July 2 - August 15

The Trickster is often the most humble of the archetypes, having learned the ability to laugh at themselves. With this comes a certain self-awareness and confidence gained from laughing at their own mistakes and the foibles of the others. Tricksters are often highly aware of humans and the undercurrents of human motivation and nature. Tricksters do not act the way that they do because they do not see the suffering of the world around them; rather, they see themselves as part of the puzzle and their own trials and tribulations are no different than that of everyone else. Many Tricksters have come to terms with the way that the world works and refrain from letting small things drag them down. Tricksters are often solitary beings with a high focus on cultivating their inner selves. As such, many are not highly demonstrative, which makes the gestures that they do make all the more poignant.

The Ally
August 16 - October 1

The Ally is a figure of loyalty and reliability, often serving as a source of strength for others in their time of need. For the talents that they possess, others will often rely upon them. Allies are often group-minded individuals who work toward a greater good with their fellows. Cases with loner Allies typically only arise because the ally has yet to find someone with whom they share a common goal. Without respect for those that they work with, Allies often find themselves restless and desiring change in their surroundings but once they have found someone whom they feel deserves their talents, they are tireless supporters and unshakeable companions with a tendency to put the needs of the group before their own. An Ally typically conceals a facet of themselves from the outside world, worried about what others might make of this. It is often something that the Ally perceives as a weakness that others may use to exploit. Allies tend to be mercurial in their desires, wanting to experience anything and everything to formulate their own opinions and to have a better understanding of the things that they are unfamiliar with.

The Shadow
October 2 - November 15

Intrinsically, the Shadow is an internally powerful aspect. Through their past trials, they have suffered emotional damage but the Shadow is one to persevere. They form, with their past experiences, a more powerful self. This is why Shadows tend to thrive and seem, more often than not, oblivious to undue criticism. Shadows forge through life with an indomitable will and a thick skin to prevent the world from harming them. Shadows can tend to inspire personal insight in those around them due to their personal strength. Many find the Shadows to be incredibly easy to sympathize with, since they have an inarguable sense of self. Often, the greatest challenge to Shadows is the fact that they are hesitant to share fellowship with others and they do not relate easily with other people, despite tending to be easily relate able themselves.

The Rebirth
November 16 - January 1

The final aspect of the cycle is the Rebirth and this is fitting with it being the end that leads into beginning anew. Rebirth is an encompassing aspect, as is symbolizes the coming together of the other aspects so that they may begin again. Rebirth does not show any distinct characteristic from the other aspects but rather comes together in a balance of understanding. Rebirth tends to be a source of empathy and stability, with the ability to see into the other aspects with good accuracy. Despite being frequently knocked down in life, Rebirth stands once more. The devotion and insight of Rebirth makes them highly intuitive friends. However, the ability to see into the character of their companions tends to make other people feel strongly one way: either very comfortable or thoroughly opposed to speaking with those of Rebirth.