Who are the past/current Administrators and owners of Iwaku?

Creator of Iwaku.
Started Iwaku as a .hack// fan roleplay forum. Gone forever in to the ether of the internet, never to be heard from again. A mythical creature that many do not believe ever existed.

Second Admin of Iwaku, chosen by Peridox.
When the original site died, Homac moved Iwaku to new forums on Proboards and made it an all-genre roleplay forum. Last seen many years ago when a ragtag team of misfits hijacked the community and ran away with it. No one has seen or heard from him since.

Gabriel Zero
Third admin of Iwaku, chosen by Homac.
Built Iwaku up to an active community filled with dynamic and creative roleplayers. Is famous for his aggressive advertising techniques. Retired and started a new roleplay forum: Role Play Adventures. He has not been seen for many years.

Blind Hemingway (Rory)
Fourth admin of Iwaku, chosen by Gabriel Zero.
Retired From Service.
He is famous for historical costume reenacting, secret identities, and surreal roleplays. He is an elusive and introverted creature, rarely seen on the forums unless he is sharing interesting pieces of news or terrorizing the new people.

Fifth Admin of Iwaku. Chosen by (wedon'thaveaclue).
Retired From Service.
Known as Iwaku's Big Daddy and Terrifying Troll. He terrorizes theats to Iwaku with satire and intense sarcasm. He earned his fame through story-intensive plotlines and detailed mythos. Presently he is working with his wife on a web-series.

Diana Notacat
Sixth Admin of Iwaku, chosen by Rory.
Retired From Active Service. CURRENT SITE OWNER OF IWAKU.
Blowing in like a hurricane she reformed the site, hijacked the site to a domain, and enforced an organized community structure. She is the force that expanded Iwaku's community size and supports the site financially by paying the bills. Famous for playing mary sue damsels and being a muse engineers.

Jack Shade
Seventh Admin, chosen by Asmodeus.
Retired From Service
Famous For: "Who Is Jack Shade?"

Eighth Admin, chosen by Rory and Diana.
Retired From Service.
Hired so Rory and Diana wouldn't kill each other, Vay has since become an intricate part of the team by taking up the role of Evil Queen of the Banhammer. She prevents murder amongst the masses and provides the community with fun generator tools.

Ninth Admin, chosen by Diana.
Hired along with Kitti and Jorick to take over so Diana could move on to other projects. He focuses on the Maintenance Staff and related matters.

Tenth Admin, chosen by Diana.
Hired along with Astaroth and Jorick to give Diana some rest (which was promptly ruined by Diana starting a new forum). She focuses on the Community Staff and related matters.

Eleventh Admin, chosen by Diana.
Hired along with Astaroth and Kitti because sometimes Diana makes poor life choices. He focuses on the Security Staff and related matters.
Iwaku Staff
May 9, 2013
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