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Where does the money go when I donate to Iwaku?

Server Costs: $100/month with Atabyte Hosting.

Xenforo Licensing: $80/year

Security Certificate: $20/year

Domain Costs: $15/year

Additional Licensing Costs:
- Conversation Essentials--$25/year
- Moderator Essentials--$25/year
- Sticky Multiple Account Info--$24/year
- UI.X Dark--$20/year
- Bookmarks--$18/year
- User Self Delete Pro--$16/year
- Donate--$15/year
- Tag Essentials--$15/year
- User Essentials--$15/year
- Attachments Manager--$10/year
- Moderation Macros--$10/year
- Multi Prefix--$10/year
- Prefix Essentials--$10/year
- Sticky Any Post--$10/year
- Ignore Log and Ignore Users Block--$5/year
- Invitations--$5/year
- Sticky Thread Order--$5/year
- Notable Members--$3/year

Dec 9, 2014
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