What are the requirements for being an Intern/Staff?

While your application and your activity on Iwaku as a whole will be reviewed, the only hard requirements are that you are an active member (your name isn't grey or yellow) of at least 4 months who isn't a complete dickhead.

Basically everyone starts out as an Intern, and to get promoted to one of the Staff sections they need to show they're willing to do the work and show an aptitude for the work that will be expected of them in a given section. Maintenance Staffers need to show they know how to do the basic work without needing to be harassed into it. Community Staffers need to be a positive presence around the forum and show interest in helping with events and such. Security Staffers need to have a level head and show they're capable of the serious responsibilities that come with the job.
Joining Staff
May 9, 2013
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