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What are the differences of the color of user names here on Iwaku?

Administrators: The bosses of Iwaku.
Benefactors: Members who have retired from active work on the site but continue to offer their support.
Staff - Security: People who manage site security by enforcing Iwaku policies and handling issues.
Staff - Maintenance: People who support the social aspect of Iwaku and thread maintenance.
Staff - Community: People who provide guides, resources and roleplays for Iwaku.
Interns: Volunteer members that help keep the forums tidy by graveyarding and necromancing threads.
Donators: Members that have recently donated money to Iwaku.
Members: Active members.
New Members: Brand new member.
Lurker Members: Someone that has not posted on the forums in 30 days.
Inactive Members: Someone that has not visited the site in 90 days.
Banned Members: (Black Name) Banned members.
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Nov 24, 2014
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