What are some tips for posting Challenges?


You do NOT have to be a staff member to post a single challenge or a regular challenge. All you need is a unique idea! Something that provides both a chance for people to exercise their skills in writing or creativity, but something to entertain them while waiting on roleplay posts.

For reference, here are our challenge guide and how to give your challenge the best chance of getting responses.

You can post a "One Shot" challenge of ANY type or theme, even if you see someone else doing that type of challenge.
Sometimes we have a random idea and don't want to do a regular feature. Thus, anyone at any time can post a one-shot challenge. Any of the types or themes, without any worries about it flooding out the challenges or copying.

If you want to a -regular- challenge (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) you DO need a unique challenge that is not already being done as a feature.
Multiple people doing a feature challenge weekly of the same type -would- be too much. So make sure your challenge idea is not already being done!

Don't flood the challenges with too many in one day!
If you have a bunch of ideas, spread them out! Post them once a day or once a week. This way, there is new content every day/week, instead of everything all at the same time.

Every time you post your challenge, make sure you are posting a description of what your challenge is and the rules of it. EVERY TIME!
That thread might be the FIRST one a member sees of your challenge, if the description of how your challenge works and the rules of it aren't in each post, people will not know what your challenge is about or how to do it.

"Thanking" people for your challenge is encouraged.
Members have taken the time to do your challenge, giving them a little thanks is a nice thing to do.

You are more likely to get responses to your challenges if you advertise a little or invite people to try your challenge!
You can post the link in the Cbox to see if anyone there wants to try it, or even post on people's visitor messages to invite them to try it.

Remember that we are a roleplay and writing community. Challenges should reflect that!
Art challenges or other random challenges are fun, but that is not our target community demographic and those sort of challenges might not be very successful! Make sure your challenges reflect the interests of the community.
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Nov 19, 2013
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