How did Iwaku get started and become what it is today?

Once upon a time, Iwaku was created by someone named PERIDOX. It was a .hack//sign roleplay fan forum!

But alas, life came and took Peridox away. Soon, HOMAC took over as administrator, moving the old forum to a new forum and creating the new form of Iwaku: general roleplaying!

Homac hired up GABRIEL ZERO as admin, and through Gabriel Zero's excellent advertising skills, they grew Iwaku Mighty.

But one day Homac retired, leaving Gabe to run the show. Gabe hired up RORY and ASMODEUS. But soon Gabe too fell vicitim to life and vanished in a crazy haze!

Iwaku met a difficult era where Iwaku wasn't growing and many members were dying off. Rory asked DIANA for help and she soon became Admin.

Diana, Rory and Asmodeus whisked Iwaku away from Proboards to its own private server! There, Iwaku was able to rebuild after craziness and the oppression of a strict Terms of Service.

Iwaku's life became badass. The community became a happenin' chillax place of wicked awesome roleplaying.

Eventually Asmo had to retire and JACK SHADE took his place. No one knows who Jack Shade is, but he haunted everyone's souls!

But Jack fell victim to life's cruel busy fingers and VAY took the reigns.

Come to the recent era, Iwaku is a booming community aimed at keeping a relaxed atmosphere for roleplayers while providing tons of learning tools, inspiration, and entertainment in between.

But it wasn't exactly a happily ever after scenario. Over time the burdens of real life pulled Rory and Vay away from their Iwaku duties. Diana worked her butt off to keep things running as smoothly as possible, and to keep the community open and friendly, but eventually she decided she needed to hand the reins over to new admins and move on to new projects.

Astaroth, Kitti, and Jorick were all hired at the same time to free Diana from the shackles of administration. Fools, the lot of them, but they agreed to it so they couldn't really complain too much. Diana remains the owner of the site and enjoys their struggles to this day.
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May 9, 2013
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