Can I bump my roleplay thread? How often can I do it?

Members are allowed to bump their threads once a day as long as they are not making posts like "BUMP", "UP", ".." or other spam-like posts to do it.

We recommend posting updates as a way to bump your threads.

For example in a Signup thread: "We still need a few more players." or "We need more girls to join."

Or in a Partner Request thread: "I'm still looking for X more partners." or "I need more guy character partners!"

This lets people know what you actually need and you'll be more likely to get a response.

Additionally, all donator subscribers have a "Bump" feature link in their Thread Tools. It will bump your thread without making a post. They can use this once an hour.

For a more in-depth look at bumping, check this handy resource.
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Jan 19, 2015
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