Are there chat RPs here? How do I learn about them?

Yes! You can search for existing chat roleplays by searching the charp content tag or create your own in either Group Brainstorming & RP Search if you're still building ideas or in the Group RP Info & Signups area if you're searching for players. If you use the charp tag when creating your roleplay, others can find it this way too!

You can also make your own rooms. Creating a chat room is easily done by going to the Chat area of the site, clicking the Add Room button on the upper right, and filling in the necessary details. Be sure to set a password if you wish to make it a private roleplay, but know that all site rules still apply in chats and staff members can check your chat logs even if you do use a password.

To learn more about how to chat roleplay, read this workshop.
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May 9, 2013
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